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Mani Mandapam Project At Vazhur

Sri Swamigal lived only in two places namely Vazhur and Kancheepuram before finally settling down at Thiruvannamalai. There after swamigal did not come out of Thiruvannamalai till his demise.

There is an Ashram near Agni Theertham in Thiruvannamalai where Swmigal’s mortal remains is placed. The house in which Swamigal lived in Kancheepuram was identified at the instance of Mahaperiyava by Sri Bharanidharan and is maintained today which is located near South Mada Street of Varadharajar Temple at Chinna Kancheepuram.

Though Swamigal lived at Vazhur, being his maternal ancestral village, there is no building / memorial for Swamigal in that village. The ancestral house site was sold by the swamigal’s family to various persons and finally there were eight dwellings at present.

Sri Seshadri Swamigal [Vazhur] Trust

In order to construct a Mani Mandapam (memorial) for swamigal at his birth place, a trust was formed in the above name and a request was made to all the dwelling owners to vacate the place by accepting an alternate housing site for which all of them have agreed.

The Trust had purchased alternate sites for all the dwelling owners and got the land in the Trust’s name and also facilitated and assisted by way of compensation in constructing new houses for all of them. Presently a small and temporary shed was constructed at the site and Swamigal’s portrait is placed. The dilapidated Thulasi Madam of the ancestral house was kept before the shed. Poojas are being performed during Hastha Nakshetiram every month.


The above Trust is planning to construct a Manimandapam followed by a consecration and regular maintenance of the site which involves the following:

  • Construction of compound wall for the entire housing site.
  • Construction of a Mani Mandapam with architectural designs.
  • Installation of a Statue of Swamigal inside the Mandapam
  • Construction of utility building / madapalli, office room and rest rooms.
  • Exhibition of life History of Swamigal in 59 photos inside the Mani Mandapam depicting important events from his life
  • Performance of Samprokshanam of the Mani Mandapam
  • Arranging regular poojas on a daily basis and
  • Conducting special poojas during Swamigal’s birth and siddhi days.

Cost Estimate

All the above are estimated conservatively at Rs. 2,00,00,000/-. We earnestly pray the devotees and philanthropists to come forward and contribute liberally for the above noble cause and be a part of this noble project and get the blessings of Sri Seshadri Swamigal and Maha periyava.

The participation can be by way of cash or in kind like sponsoring construction materials like cement, steel, bricks, paints and other materials.

Boomi Pooja Event

The Boomi Pooja for starting of the construction is planned on 27th July 2019 at Vazhur Village between 7:44 am to 8:20 am in the presence of various eminent persons and devotees. We request all the devotees to come and participate at the event.

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